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Hi and welcome to my life in 200 words or less! As a starter I am a Branding & Packaging designer that aspires to work in the video game industry.

I began by studying Animation & Game Design but found I wanted skills in other areas. Proceeding to study illustration then move to Graphic Design. Finally here I am graduating with a Bachelor of Design is Graphic Design, with a minor in Game Design.


I am a highly driven and risk taking graphic designer that always tries to produce the most unique result. Being able to turn almost any idea into a reality allows me to fabricate anything desired.

I have an obsurd obsession with the Memphis movement and will take any chance to utilise it in designs. Whilst studying I have worked as a designer for Curtin University Business School, Rachel Lavelle and Oberthur Primary School, I also completed a 6 month internship at The Liberal Party of WA which eventually turned into a part time job.

I pride myself on the new and unique ideas I bring to each job and thrive on artistic licence. My ultimate goal is to use my skills in an area that influences my life greatly – gaming. In my downtime I’m a gamer, avid hiker and bass guitar player.

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  • graphic designer

    JUL 2020- NOW | Australia Liberal Party WA Division

    After my internship closer to my graduation I was offered a full-time position as a designer with the Liberal Party where I working on election content, car wraps and a large variety of deliverables.

  • Graphic designer

    SEP 2019 - NOW | Rachel Lavelle Professional

    For the last year I have been working here where I have not only produced packaging, social media posts, graphics, flyers and pull-up banners, but also learnt Google Ads, marketing, video & coding.

  • Graphic designer

    AUG - OCT 2019 | Curtin University - Business School

    Through the Curtin ‘Earn While You Learn’ program I was hired for a short time to design infographics for the Business School’s ESPC application that followed the Curtin style guide.

  • Graphic designer

    JUL - OCT 2019 | University of WA Political Party - Launch

    Through networking at the Liberal Party I was hired for a paid position as the Graphic Designer for Launch. I designed their website, took headshots and created engaging tiles for the period

  • web designer

    MAR - DEC 2019 | Liberal Party Member Celia Hammond

    During my internship the member for Curtin contracted me to design and code their new website. This required a large number of feedback sessions with the campaign manager.

  • graphic design intern

    MAR - DEC 2019 | Australia Liberal Party WA Division

    I was given the opportunity to be an intern at the Liberal party under an experienced Graphic Designer. I produced; coreflutes, flyers, invites, banners, car wraps and documents.

  • video & illustration

    DEC 2018 | Youtube Channel

    A Youtube channel contracted me to design them an animated intro video for both their youtube channels as well as a illustration for their profiles and socials.

  • branding

    FEB 2018 | Youtube Channel

    Early 2018 I was contracted by 2 youtubers to re-brand their youtube channels where I research their videos and design profile pictures, channel art and banners for their socials.

  • illustration

    OCT 2017 - MAY | Oberthur Primary School

    Late October for a few months I was contracted by Oberthur to create a group of infographics to represent their values. In total I design 5 characters and 2 master designs.

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