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Illustration projects

The end times

The End Times is a tabloid inspired newsletter that is a satirical and facetious take on the Biblical Second Coming (End of the world). The newsletter explores the platform of futuristic media in ‘pre armageddon’ times. Using these elements it uniquely explores the probable outcomes of COVID-19, through publication.

Out of the ashes

Out of the ashes is a fun and quirky card game that draws on 1930's illustration and riso print to create unique charcters and story

little alchemist

The Love & Envy liqueur set by Little Alchemist is a magical, fun, and creative brand that
utilises story telling and
illustration to immerse the audience and partakers in a more engaging product.


Elysia utilises illustration and Greek mythology to display a unique hair dye packaging set and PR set whilst maintaining an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

ghouls lore

A journal style publication that tells the story of a mans journey documenting mythical creatures through illustration and copy

facilitate the nut

an informative catalogue that empowers women and knowledge through illustration, humour copy and infographics

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