rachel lavelle

I have worked at rachel lavelle professional/Academy since august 2019 as a part time employee. Rachel lavelle is a beauty salon and academy located in east fremantle and is very present on social media, mailchimp and their website. i owe a lot to this job and very greatful for the opportunity and experience from working here.

I was the first employee under rachel (a small business with just her working) and took on the role of designer, web, marketing, videography, photographer and admin which was a massive jump for me but because of it i am now very confident in my skills

Coming up to 2021 i have set them up with all NEW

- website
- Booking system
- Payment system
- Window decals
- brand style guide
- logo
- training manuals
- stickers
- wrapping materials
- certificates
- business cards
- flyers
- pull-up banner
and so much more

on top of that rachel released a new product line named EDIT which i had the opportunity to design and write the copy for which can be seen in the images below. They will be released soon and can be found at shopedit.com.au

thank you to rachel lavelle and all the experienced i have gained

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